Saturday, June 27, 2015

"boom box radio" pirate radio testing on 6925 khz - eQSL

Last night I heard "Boom Box Radio" testing on 6925 kHz.  It came in loud and clear with a tape from an earlier show broadcast.  Part of the station ID coming out of a rap song at the bottom of the hour included the promo, "I come up here every Saturday night [which would have been tomorrow night] and play what I want...."  Just after the start of their next song the signal dropped and I lost the audio -- they literally pulled the plug on the transmission/test!

I emailed a clip of the reception and got back this excellent eQSL from DJ LT a little while later! 

Thanks DJ LT - both for the eQSL and broadcast!!


This is my 4th eQSL from a pirate radio station in the last month!

"the crystal ship"
"voice of pearl harbor," and
"shortwave ghost"

Pirate radio is alive and well on the shortwaves!

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