Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 norfolk pub 10 miler: race photos and results

just back from a long trip up to norfolk, ct, for the 10 miler. given the rescheduled january race date, this made for an interesting twist - the 2008 and 2009 editions of this great race were held in the same year! no snow on the course this year (but the skies were pregnant with an impending snowstorm). i ran a 1:15:41, 7:34 pace, good enough for third place in my age group. interestingly, last year i ran it almost 5 minutes slower, and still managed a 3rd place age group finish! emmy and rob were right behind me, running 1:17's.

here is my race report - and here are the race results from greystone racing.

here are a couple of post-race photos:

and, a few more photos here.

here are my "2008" race photos :D
and here is the "2008" race report.


AnthonyP said...

Frank...please start inviting me to the races where a trip to the pub follows. Better yet, I'll just meet you at the pub.

rundangerously said...

no problem! sounds like a plan :D