Wednesday, December 16, 2009

grading exams, christmas decorations, and a windy six miles!

it's been a long - but productive - day! between bringing down the christmas decorations from the attic and grading my students' final exams, i barely had time to get out and run 6 miles! even though it was 5:20 when i got out the door (just after i picked katie up from track practice), it was plenty dark outside. that was actually more of an issue - between the headlights on the post road and the lighting challenged side streets - than the cold and wind!

i had taken yesterday as a rest day because i didn't get back home from work and class until after 9. it wasn't unexpected since practically every tuesday this semester turned into the weekly rest day :p i ran a decent 6 mile tempo run on monday. today it was just about getting an easy run. here are the splits:

8:09 16:19
7:49 24:09
7:45 31:54
8:04 39:59
7:46 47:46

7:57 pace

another pair of six milers on deck for thurday and friday - which would give me 24 miles heading into the norfolk pub 10 miler on saturday. in between, probably tomorrow night, we'll pick up our christmas tree! and, on sunday, a social holiday run for toys 5k in fairfield - which as the name implies, collects toys for kids!

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