Monday, December 7, 2009

goodbye dell, hello hp probook!

after 15+ years using dell computers and products, time for a change. the last 3 weeks trying to get dell to repair and/or replace my vostro 1400 laptop have been a long and unpleasant nightmare. for the first time in a very long time i took a business trip sans laptop - thanks to my malfunctioning vostro.

hopefully, those days are in the past. today i unpacked my hp probook 4415s and worked on getting across the learning curve. so far, so good! i was a little hesitant to pass up an intel processor for an amd - but it looks like the amd chip is well up to the task.

welcome hp!!


Pam said...

Crap ... I'm having Vostro problems too. Shall I just ditch instead of trying to fix?

rundangerously said...

pam, i was a loyal dell customer for a long time. but this experience soured me on them forever! i don't want to catalog the list of hassles - suffice to say it ran the gamut from a blown graphics card, defective motherboards (2), and, finally, a malfunctioning cpu - which was the last straw.

after all that (and being w/out a laptop) for weeks, pat found the hp probook - and it was a no brainer (plus, it was an upgrade to windows 7).

Pam said...

Thanks Frank
My hands are somewhat tied because it is a work computer ... my "IT guy" (if you can call him that) makes the calls.
But good info to have.