Friday, December 18, 2009

we got our christmas tree today!

it seems like this year we were a little late in getting our christmas house together. maybe a few days later than years past? took the christmas decorations down from the attic on wednesday and put up the christmas lights yesterday. this afternoon we drove to stew leonards in yonkers to pick up the christmas tree.

what's normally a fun time was dampened by the heavy traffic - normal rush hour traffic on the way seemed positively serene compared to the back up caused an accident at the entrance to the saw mill parkway! but with the tree filling the house with that oh so wonderful christmas scent, the traffic nightmare is a distant memory. tomorrow we'll finish up the holiday decoration by trimming the tree!

also on deck tomorrow is the norfolk pub 10 miler. i'm looking forward to that - and, with any luck, will get home before the impending snowstorm arrives. while i'm at the 10 miler, katie will be at a track meet with her team. if we really get blanketed with snow, may have to skip the trip to fairfield sunday morning for the holiday 5k.

this may turn into the second low mileage week in a row! between grading exams and christmas chores, i've only logged 16 miles for the week (on three days of running). today i got in an easy 4 miles (31:14) before we went to get the tree. unless i get in a decent run on sunday (regardless of the weather) may not get my mileage much over 30, for the week!

small price to pay for a white christmas :D

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