Saturday, December 12, 2009

no roxbury marathon, no race at all for me today

despite high hopes that i'd muster up the energy to run the roxbury marathon today - no such luck. as late as last night, with ipod charged and winter running clothes ready to go, i was ready (and figured that i could always drop down to the half marathon) to tackle one last long run for 2009. instead, when i woke up just before 6 and the temperature was 22 degrees - without factoring in the wind chill, i decided a better plan would be to sleep in.

so i completely wimped out and went back to bed! amazingly, i slept for another 4 hours(!) and didn't get out of bed until after 10 - the latest i've slept (under any circumstances) in recent memory! the exhaustion was probably the cumulative result of struggling with nasty cold symptoms for most of the week. even with the most glaring symptoms gone by thursday, it's been a tough one to bounce back from.

after some coffee, i ran a decent 6 miler (45:57) - and felt guilty that eliot, emmy, and rob were in roxbury running various distances from the half to the full. later i learned that emmy ran the full marathon, eliot logged 16 miles, and rob did the half! great job guys, especially in those icebox conditions! when i ran my 6, the temperature had risen to a balmy 32 degrees!!

the high point of my day was hearing about katie's first track meet. she ran 3 events last night: 55 meters (where she ran the preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals - and took 4th place overall), 300 meters, and the 4 x 200m relay (where here team took second). i'm hoping that, in btwn homework and social engagements, she'll write up a guest post about the event.

i also managed to visit zachy's for an exceptional california/french wine "taste-off" - of which i'll post separately.

next up - rain or shine, healthy or sick, the trrc couples relay tomorrow!

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DebbieJRT said...

I'll be at Blue Mountain tomorrow, as well.