Friday, December 11, 2009

an early arctic blast arrives just in time for the weekend

i just can't believe each day this week was colder than the previous one! on the bright side, even though i broke out the running tights monday, last year i wore them by thanksgiving. that was a very early start to a long, cold winter last year. despite the arctic conditions that seem to have settled in this week - january weather in december - the brutal cold will be temporary. in fact, i don't mind the cold - but the wind makes for nasty running conditions.

after work today, i bundled up and went out for an easy 4 miler. the congestion from my head cold is gone, thankfully. the plan is to head up to roxbury tomorrow morning for the marathon. there is a half marathon option, so if i'm not up to the mental challenge of a 4 hour battle with more arctic conditions, i may just drop down to the half marathon distance. will make that decision on the drive up there.

other news: today is katie's first track meet! it's across the bridge, in rockland county. she's running 55 and 300 meters (and probably a team relay as well). i can't wait to hear how it went!

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James said...

Thanks for posting about the Roxbury run. I entered because of you. Sorry you missed it. It was the coldest at the starting area. But once you went down to the river it was protected from the wind and I was really hot with the extra wool layer.
Hope you feel better for the pub run in Norfolk.