Monday, December 14, 2009

six miles to start the week

i started off this week with a decent 6 mile run when i got home from the office. it turned out to be a much better run (44:18) than i expected because, warmer weather aside, i wasn't in the mood to run and had to drag myself outside.

my cold has finally faded into the background - after it pretty much killed my total weekly mileage (23.7). i haven't logged a week with such low mileage since last spring, when i was sidetracked with a bout of walking pneumonia!

here are the splits from today's run:

7:26 15:27
7:14 22:41
6:57 29:32
7:41 37:14
7:04 44:18

7:23 pace

this was marked improvement from last thursday, when i did the same tempo run in 46:47. that run was the day after my cold symptoms first faded - but i still felt some congestion. today i was glad to be back to my pre-cold self (albeit it was still was tough getting back into a running mindset).

tomorrow (as most tuesday's have turned into this semester) will probably be a rest day. my students have their final exam, so i won't get home until 9:30 or so - and not likely to drag myself out to run. but back to the roads on wednesday.

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