Thursday, December 10, 2009

cold or no cold, got in an easy 6 mile run today

after two days of inactivity (albeit i normally take tuesdays off because running when i get home from my night class can be a drag), i headed out for an easy 6 miles when i got home from the office today. while it was touch and go for the first couple of miles, i managed to shake off the feeling of dread that accompanied me. i was worried that i hadn't given my body enough time to recover from the congestion doldrums that haunted me for most of the week.

the 46:47, 7:47 pace, was okay under the circumstance. i started off with an 8:25 first mile, managed a pair of 7:22's and was pretty much content to listen to tom petty's "live anthology" for the duration of the run. for those interested, here are the splits:

7:54 16;20
7:22 23:42
7:22 31:04
8:03 39:08
7:39 46:47

7:47 pace

my other motive for getting out and logging a few miles today was to re-engage my running mindset. last week i barely logged 40 miles. even with today's 6 miler, just eeked above 10 miles for the 4 days. on saturday, common sense aside, i plan to run the roxbury marathon. the last thing i want is to show up in a stale and rusty state (physically and mentally)!

stay tuned...

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