Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today is theodore roosevelt's 151st birthday :D

today, october 27th, is theodore roosevelt's birthday. he was born 151 years ago today, on october 27, 1858! while today hasn't generated nearly as much interest as his 150th birthday celebration did last year - including the open house festivities at this birthplace, here in new york city - as my all time favorite president, i couldn't let this his birthday pass unnoticed!

it's all the more timely (ageless?) since i'm just about finished with the newest roosevelt biography, "the wilderness warrior: theodore roosevelt and the crusade for america," by douglas brinkley. it's a unique biography, focused exclusively (and in minute detail) on his role as america's first (in essence) environmental crusader. i'll write up a review of that fantastic book in a week or so.

last year, in addition to the open house, i attended a one-man staged performance on theodore roosevelt, "the bully pulpit: quality time with teddy roosevelt," - which was, of course, "bully!" i'm not at all sure what 2010 has in store for teddy roosevelt fans. but it's unlikely that his 152nd birthday will arrive next year without some interesting teddy roosevelt news :D

so take the time to incorporate his signature catchphrase, "bully," into your conversation today!

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Sank said...

Nice post, Frank.
Happy B-day Teddy - you were one of our best. There wouldn't be trail running without ya.