Friday, October 30, 2009

the ginger man: post-new york city marathon expo rehydration :D

luckily of me, the ginger man beer bar was directly in the path of our walk back to grand central from the nyc marathon expo :D in the interest of healthy rehydrating from an exhausting tour of the javits center, we stopped in for a quick drink. while michael and i were all in for the beer, emmy opted for a starbucks grande.

i had no particular beer in mind, but since the jolly pumpkin's bam biere saison was one of the featured drafts, couldn't pass it up! that funky farmhouse ale was the perfect follow-up to the "flaming fury" i picked up last weekend captain lawrence brewing company. it's pucker factor was decidedly lower than captain lawrence's peach infused wild american ale. but the jolly pumpkin artisan ales's cask-conditioned bam biere still carried an edgy sourness - and it worked.

on an atmospheric note, the ginger man was a much more attractive destination at noon - quieter laid back lunch crowd - than when i visited the packed and way too busy beer bar last fall prior to heading down to the fillmore at irving plaza to check out "riders on the storm."

note to self: definitely plan more off-hour visits to the ginger man!

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