Wednesday, October 14, 2009

an updated october 2009 schedule

i added a few races (and a walk) to the original october schedule (and learned of a date change for the great train race), so i thought it would be easier to repost the updated version instead of constantly tinkering with the original.

the reschedule great train race was moved back a week from 10/18 to 10/25. this will be a new double, with the police pumpkin chase that afternoon. the old double, with the wilton halloween hustle in the morning, was broken up when that race was also moved back a week (to 11/1).

two new were races added (and already run), following the maine marathon: run for habitat 5k in bridgeport and the harry murphy xc 5k at van cortlandt park. and, with the date change for the great train race, added the great pumpkin classic, 4m, in its original place (for another double). haven't been to trumble for that race in years, so it should be fun to check it out again.

the last two additions are coming up this saturday, a 5k trail run on staten island in the morning and a 1.5m walk in nyack that evening! i'm very excited about the "scout 5k" because it's a trip down memory lane - revisiting the boy scout camp of my youth, camp pouch! and the walk is fast becoming a tradition with our family. it's the third year in row we'll participate in the light the night walk (along w/my sister-in-law and her kids) in nyack.

here are the events:

10/4 - maine marathon
10/10 - run for habitat 5k
10/11 - harry murphy xc 5k
10/17 - the scout 5k
10/17 - light the night walk, 1.5M
10/18 - great pumpkin classic, 4m
10/18 - scarsdale fall foliage run, 5k
10/24 - nike+ human race 10k
10/25 - the great train race, 6.8m
10/25 - police pumpkin chase, 5k
10/31 - nyrr international friendship run

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