Friday, October 9, 2009

manhattan cask ale festival at chelsea brewing company

i spent a good chunk of the afternoon at the chelsea brewing company and tasted some great beers at the cask ale festival. this is the 4th edition (of a semi-annual event) - i missed the first one, but caught the 2nd and 3rd editions of the festival. i was joined by my fellow craft beer aficionado, john fortunato (publisher of beermelodies), as we sampled our way through the 40+ selections.

in the above photo: chris sheehan (head brewer at cbc), me, john, and mark szmaida (assistant brewer at cbc).

my personal favorites from the tasting:

pearl street brewing (buffalo, ny), "flamande rouge"
saint somewhere brewing (tarpon springs, fl), "saison du chene"
saint somewhere brewing (tarpon springs, fl), "pays du soleil"
chelsea brewing company, "catskill hop harvest"
chelsea brewing company, "1000 gyle imperial mild"

john's handwitten list of "tasting" adjectives
(a/k/a "cheat sheet") to describe the beers :D

here are a few more pictures.

update: check out video posted by "the l magazine" of the cask ale festival!

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