Sunday, October 4, 2009

novare res bier cafe, portland, maine

after the 5 hour road trip to portland and and a stop the maine marathon expo to pick up our bibs and chips, emmy and i went to novare res bier cafe and checked out their oktoberfest. in keeping with tradition, only one beer, weissenohe monk's fest, was on tap for the 3 day festival.

while not the typical pre-race hydration strategy, i found myself in possession of a one litre maas! somehow it seemed the perfect size for the occassion ;D


Bob - said...

ahhhh nothing looks better than a few runners ENJOYING a frosty BIG ASS Beer :-)

CHEERS \_/ \_/

Laura said...

I AM SO JEALOUS YOU GOT TO GO THERE! I had it on my list as the #1 place I wanted to go in Portland, but didn't end up with time. I'll be going back for sure.