Sunday, October 25, 2009

captain lawrence brewing: "flaming fury" limited release

yesterday, instead of the trip to prospect park in brooklyn, for the nike human race 10k, a weather induced audible made me change directions and head north, to pleasantville, for the limited release of captain lawrence brewing company's "flaming fury," a sour ale, infused with peach! this is not beer profile suitable for most (nay i say, even some hard-core) beer aficionados. the pucker inducing sourness is definitely an acquired taste. but i've managed to acquire one over the years and love these wild american ales - in the european lambic tradition.

i wasn't the only one it seemed. a limited edition of 750 (small 375 ml) bottles sold out in well less than an hour! in fact, when i got on line - maybe 12:15 - my "number" from the pull tag machine was a whopping 737!! i was surprised, no shocked, at the relatively huge turnout out because (a) the beer wasn't a typical release and (b) the weather was downright lousy! my luck held out and there were 4 bottles (maximum per person) waiting when i finally reached the makeshift table set up inside the brewery.

concurrent with the release, regular customers were headed inside the main tap room for growler refills - and samples! and, outside - yes in the lousy weather - craft brewers had set up on the picnic table (strangely at home in an industrial parking lot - ha) and were sampling each other's recent creations. the entire scene - inside and out - was a heady (couldn't resist that easy pun) atmosphere.

in addition to the samples of the sour ale i tasted while on line, i also got to taste (dare is say it?) copious quantities of their pumpkin ale - which was the perfect seasonal accompaniment!

for those curious, here is the beer profile (courtesy of captain lawrence):

Flaming Fury – Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Peaches. This one is for the sour lovers out there, and I mean real sour lovers. I will be very blunt; this one is one of the more intense sour ales we have produced. It sat in the barrels for well over a year, aging with NY grown peaches from a local farm and Brettanomyces. The flavors are fruity and sour, with a very lively carbonation (chill well before opening, like champagne)

Release Date: October 24th – 12pm
Price: $10 – 375ml bottle
Sales: Limit 4 bottle per customer
Production: 750 bottles

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