Thursday, October 8, 2009

northcoast 24-hour endurance run

last weekend, while i ran 26.2 miles at the maine marathon, a few more determined souls logged 4-5 times that distance, in cleveland, ohio! the winner, and fellow broadway ultra society (b.u.s.) member, phil mccarthy won the inaugural northcoast 24 hour endurance run with a stunning 151.33 miles performance! and, in another stunning accomplishment, dave james reached the 100 mile split in 13:06:52 (total miles 119.80)!

yesterday, the b.u.s. membership received an email that noted the performances of individual b.u.s. participants (10 in the starting field of 107 runners).

Dear BUS Members,

This past weekend, 10 BUS Members took part in the North Coast 24-Hour National Championship at Cleveland with bounding success. Naturally, the big story was Phil McCarthy. The very big story. Phil emerged as the 2009 National Champion with an incredible winning total of 151.33 miles. It's the second time Phil has cracked the 150-mile mark. It is believed that he is the only third American to go past 150 more than once. Phil's resume includes a 4th place finish at a World 24-Hour and the 3rd place finish at the Surgeres Invitational 48-Hour with top-class performances. But I'm sure this victory may top them all. CONGRATULATIONS PHIL!!!!

Other notable BUS performances were Frank Pellegrino finishing 13th with 114.4 miles and National Champ for the 55-59 division. Following Frank was Bob Oberkehr in 17th place with 107.19 miles and bronze medal winner in his division. Yurij Esperson also passed the magic 100 mark finishing in 24th place with 102.69 miles.

Byron Lane, our New York Ultra Running perennial Grand Prix Champion and also defending National 24-Hour Champion was also in contention with over 94½ miles in 18 hours, but ran into some problems and unfortunately had to withdraw. Other BUS runners at the event were Al Prawda (80.17 miles), Suki Yates (72.06 miles), Michael Morrin, age 73 (54.05 miles), Tim Kourounis, age 70 (53.14 miles) and Annette Racaniello (28.82 miles). KUDOS to all the BUS runners!!!!!!!!!!

Some BUS History: Phil became the 4th BUS Member to win the National 24-Hour title along with Rudy Afanador, Byron Lane and David Luljak. Bob Sweeney won the National 100-Mile Championship a few years back in astonishing 13:05 and Donna Hudson did one better. She won the National 100-Mile Championship in 15:31:57 in 1983 and broke the World Record.



here are the complete results.

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