Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 scarsdale library book sale

another september, another scarsdale library book fair! yesterday afternoon the library parking lot was so crowded that i had to wait for a spot (a first for that)! i squeezed into the auditorium and exited 45 minutes later with 7 interesting books (for a grand total of $15). that should give me a couple of months of fall reading material :D

of the purchases, i'm looking forward reading "moneyball" the most (after finishing my current book, "the wilderness warrior"). second on the list has to be desmore's "riders on the storm" - a book i hadn't heard of (and should provide a decidedly alternative take on morrison and the doors). and, in a funny coincidence, this was the second year in a row i found a jimmy buffet book to add to the basket!

since the book fair runs through monday, i'm going to make an effort to return (under less crowded circumstances).

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