Sunday, September 13, 2009

first nyc marathon held 40 years ago today!

forty years ago today, 155 runners lined up in central park for the very first nyc marathon! the first edition of the nyc marathon, a multiple loop course of central park, was a shadow of the five borough tour it expanded to in 1976 - thanks to the imagination of fred leblow.

of the 155 starters that september 13, 1970, morning, only 55 runners crossed the finish line. the first winner, with a time of 2:31:38, was gary muhrcke. there was no woman finisher that first year - beth bonner, with a 2:55:22, was the first woman finisher in 1971.

this november, the 40th edition of the nyc marathon will have a world record starting field 0f more than 40,000 runners!!

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Anonymous said...

Arturo Montero, one of the starters in 1970, will again run the NYM one more time.