Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 tuckahoe challenge: some race photos

i didn't run the tuckahoe challenge this morning - i ran to and from it. for the second year in a row - last year because of anemia, this year because of a calf muscle pull - i didn't run the pair of races that constitute the "challenge." instead, i ran the back and forth 3+ mile distance there, from my house, as an easy training run.

i had timed the start of my run there to arrive after the finish of the one mile race and before the start of the five miler. but the one miler got under way late and i reached the crestwood train station just as the lead runners approached the half mile turnaround! it turned out that i ran on the sidewalk as the main pack of runners did the outbound leg of the mile.

in between races i chatted with joe. amazingly, for the third straight weekend at a local race the topic of conversation included the runner restrictions imposed at rockefeller state park! i watched the start of the five miler and the lead runners complete the out and back first mile of the course before setting off on my return home.

here are the race results.

here are a few photos:

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