Wednesday, September 2, 2009

british police reopen 1969 investigation into death of ex-rolling stones brian jones

forty years ago, on july 3, 1969, ex-rolling stones member brian jones was found dead in his swimming pool - he was only 27 years old at the time. brian jones was a founding member of the band and had quit (or been "fired") a month before his death. after conducting a brief investigation, the police ruled that his death was accidental. however, despite the coroner's verdict that the death was from "misadventure," many believed it had been murder.

it was widely reported yesterday that the british police decided to reopen the investigation because they had been handed "new documents" in connection with the death. what makes the this news fascinating, at least to me, is that 16 years ago, in november, 1993, frank thorogood allegedly made a death-bed confession! at the time, that "murder" of brian jones. yet the police found no reason to reopen the matter!

what's changed since then? what are the new documents turned over to the police? stay tuned, after 40 years, maybe some satisfaction is just around the corner.

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