Monday, September 7, 2009

2009 dobbs ferry 5k run: race report

i just got back from the dobbs ferry 5k run - a local race that i recently found listed (like the irvington high school trail 5k i ran last weekend). i had planned on running the jan peek 10k yesterday. but when i realized the combined 7:30 start and a 50 minute drive to the race meant getting up way too early i changed my mind and decided to run the dobbs ferry race instead - a 9 a.m. start and 15 minute drive (and half the race distance).

i thought it would be a low-key event, but they had about a hundred runners! i didn't realize the course was point to point: it began at mercy college and finished at the dobbs ferry firehouse. after the race, my friend art and i jogged the half mile back along a great little carriage trail! but i get ahead of myself.

at registration i ran into an old friend, joe - who would take pictures of the race this morning. i also ran into my old wtc teammate, bob, and current taconic teammate, art. joe found us a map of the course - basically a horseshoe shape tour of dobbs ferry, with a downtown finish. the course was hillier than i expected, but i would still try for a sub-21 finish.

the first half mile, from the mercy college parking lot, was an uphill climb. interestingly, half mile splits were marked on the road! my first mile took 6:53 - but i worked way too hard for that split. mile two, mostly rolling hills, took 7:00, for a 2 mile split of 13:53. i missed the mile three marker, and finished up in 21:19, a 6:52 pace. well off my 21 minute goal, but i'll take it.

the scoring was done by westchester road runner, and i saw andy as i went thru the chute at the finish. at the awards ceremony, art won his age group! afterwards, we (together with many of the other runners) jogged back to mercy college (via the carriage trail).

here are some race photos.

next up: the norwalk half marathon this weekend.

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