Thursday, September 17, 2009

bob dylan the painter

another side of bob dylan? another performer to expand on his artist vision in another medium? whether dylan has yet to "paint his masterpiece" (forgive the pun), a sizable number of his art works will be on exhibit in norway next fall! as an aside, i just read peter falk's autobiography, "just one more thing: stories from my life," and learned that he is a passionate artist! on the running side, boston marathon legend johnny kelley was a prolific painter!

back to dylan, from "arts briefly" section in today's ny times:

"Nearly 100 paintings by Mr. Dylan, an artist better known for his throat than for his palette, will go on display next year at the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Reuters reported. ... The exhibition, to open in fall 2010, will include the premiere of 30 acrylic paintings from Mr. Dylan’s “Brazil” series,” as well as paintings from his “Drawn Blank” series that were shown in Britain and Germany. A representative for Mr. Dylan told Reuters that he did not know what the new paintings would depict or how Mr. Dylan chose the names of his series."

the above painting, "man on a bridge," is part of dylan's "drawn blank" series. dylan the painter has gone far since the self-portrait that graced the cover of his 1970 studio album of the same name!

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