Wednesday, January 27, 2010

run the 2010 nyc half marathon on behalf of the world lung foundation :D

with the lottery results announced last week, anyone not selected has two options for running the 2010 nyc half marathon - guaranteed entry via time or guaranteed entry via charitable organization. if you're want to run the nyc for a charity, consider running it on behalf of the world lung foundation!

as we've done in the past (2008 and 2009), the wlf team will raise money to fight childhood asthma in africa. over the last two years we've raised just under $100,000, and following the 2009 edition made a $49,000 grant to the kenyan association for prevention of tuberculosis and lung disease.

for more information, check out the world lung foundation running team page. this weekend we kick off our first group training run in central park. join us!

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Daniel said...

Great idea to get an entry for the NY marathon and doing some good for a charity organization. I've never thought of running for charity, but it might be a future plan and an extra stimulus.

I browsed through your list of "running sites you like" and added some on my blog. I'd like to suggest to this link list. It has lots of useful information for beginning and advanced runners.

Good luck on your future running efforts.