Saturday, January 30, 2010

bernard lagat wins a historic 8th wanamaker mile at 2010 millrose games!

last night at madison square garden, benard lagat won his 8th wananmaker mile at the 103rd edition of the millrose games! last year it was exciting enough to watch lagat win his 7th, and tie eamonn coghlan's then record number of mile wins at the millrose games! last night lagat surpassed coglan's record and, in turn, earned the title of "chairman of the boards." no more fitting person handed lagat his trophy than eamonn coghlin!

last night's race was especially exciting because lagat seemingly held back, in second place behind olympic gold medallist asbel kiprop, for most of the 11 lap course! at the start of the bell lap he exploded past kiprop into an ever expanding lead and crossed the finished in 3:56:34 to kiprop's 3:58:03! lagat's split for the last quarter was a remarkable 56.5 seconds!

in the women's mile (ironically titled the "fred lebow mile"), sara hall, wife of ryan hall, ran a 4:31:50 and was 2/100ths of a second behind the winner, hannah england. a true photo finish! last year kara goucher won the race in 4:33:19.

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