Friday, January 8, 2010

happy birthday elvis presley - the king is 75 years old in heaven today!

one of the first records i ever owned, back in the early recesses of my 1970's, was an elvis presley's greatest hits album (and elton john's yellow brick road - how's that for a startling juxtaposition!). amazingly, however, over the years i've never collected any more of his music. the only other elvis album i own is "aloha from hawaii: via satellite" - and i picked up in the late-1990's as a cd. even so, i love his music!

in honor of his birthay, yesterday i had his "number on hits" on my ipod. during today's run, i'll have "aloha from hawaii" keeping me company for the miles (and making me daydream of being in hawaii instead of this sloppy winter mess). when presley died in august, 1977, in between my freshman and sophomore years at high school, it was a few days shy of my 15th birthday! tragically, he was only 42 years old.

even at that young age he was already a legend - already the king of rock and roll. in the years since his legend has barely dimmed - still a rock icon, still a legend.

so take some time to listen to elvis today (or even catch one of his movies on tcm) :D

happy birthday elvis presley!

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Slomohusky said...

Thanks for the post. Living here in Vegas, I heard a re-airing of local NPR interview of biographer of the The King this AM. He primarily dealt with his Vegas years of course from his first 1956 show (which was not well recieved back then) to the NBC comeback show, Hawaii and starting in Vegas in 1969. Amazing when your think he was only in his late 30's during these late 60's comeback years.