Saturday, January 16, 2010

"off the record: rock, a social revolution" exhibit at rye arts center

my visit to the rye arts center to see the exhibit "off the record: rock, a social revolution" turned into a family affair! i had planned to go last sunday, for the opening festivities, but those plans didn't work out. plan b was to stop there on the way home from the boston build-up 15k tomorrow. but, to my embarrassment, the rye arts center isn't open on sundays. last weekend was an exception just for the opening reception.

as it turned out, katie decided to come along - and then pat did as well! i had wanted to go primarily to see the original beatles "yesterday and today" album cover. but it was even more fun looking at the photos with katie and giving her the background on some of rock's most iconic moments and images.

the entire exhibit of photos and album covers fills one large room - and can be seen in 20-30 minutes. well worth the effort to check out if you can visit rye!


lightfootman said...

thanks for turning me on to the exhibit Frank. I will pursue it.

lightfootman said...

just got back from the exhibit at the Rye Arts Center. Really took me back to a life time ago yet it seems like yesterday. I think we're all lucky to have survived it.