Wednesday, January 6, 2010

theodore roosevelt died 91 years ago today

on january 6, 1919, theodore roosevelt, the 26th president of the united states, died in his sleep at his oyster bay home. roosevelt was only 60 years old, and while he had been ill, his death was unexpected.

among roosevelts accomplishments, prior to becoming president, was his service as governor of new york, assistant secretary of the navy, and as an army colonel in the spanish-american war (which earned him, posthumously, the congressional medal of honor). as president he was a committed conservationist - protecting millions of acres of american wilderness and monuments for future generations. roosevelt was awarded the nobel peace prize for his efforts in negotiating an end to the russian-japanese war.

roosevelt is my favorite president. i've read many a biography of his amazing life. i recently finished douglas brinkley's "the wilderness warrior: theodore roosevelt and the crusade for america" (and will hopefully post a review of in the near future). it's the first major work to highlight his work in preserving american wilderness and natural resources. the book is a must read for any roosevelt fan.

so take a minute to think about teddy roosevelt today!


Maria said...

I'm currently reading "The River of Doubt" which chronicles Teddy's trip to Brazil in 1913-14 and loving it! Great read!

rundangerously said...

maria, that's a fantastic book! some of roosevelt's doctors said the aftermath of his illness from that trip had an impact on his death all those years later.

are you doing the manhattan half later this month?

Maria said...

No Manhattan HM for me, unfortunately. I'll be out of town :(