Saturday, January 23, 2010

"run for haiti" fundraiser

this morning katie and her fellow winter track team members held a fundraiser for haitan earthquake relief efforts. from 10 until noon they ran laps around the outdoor track, and also held a bake sale.

here, in her words, is a brief recap:

Today my track team had a fundraiser called “Run For Haiti.” All of the members of the track team had gotten sponsors for it during the past week. It was suggested the sponsors donate $1.00 for every lap ran by his or her runner. Most of the runners were expected to run between 10-30 laps (each lap is 400m).

It was a lot of fun because everyone ran with friends and went at his or her own pace. My friends and I ran the majority of laps, but also walked a little too. By the end I had done a total of 21 laps (a little over 5 miles). It felt really good knowing that I had done something for a good cause.

After the run we all got some bagels and snacks from the bake sale. When it was over everyone was so proud of what we had accomplished as a team. Overall, we were able to raise more than $5,000 to send to the Red Cross to aid in Haitian Relief.

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lightfootman said...

how awesome is that? Great job Katie!!