Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019 Taconic RR Freezer 5 Miler: Race Photos & Results

Normally I'd begin a race post with the race itself - but today, a small rant is in order.  This was third weekend in a row my IPhone died right after a race/run (going back to the 20K in Fairfield, 2 miler in Van Cortlant Park, Trail Run in Rockies, and - of course - this morning's 5 miler in FDR park!).  Some of those were pretty cold; but today, for example, the temperature never dipped below freezing (despite the name of the race - haha).  I am not a happy Apple camper :(

Okay, rant over - back to running.  This was a rare back to back race weekend - with the Stratford 3 Miler yesterday.  My legs lacked anything approaching a second gear for this one.  I only ran another six+ miles to bring my mileage up to 10 yesterday - and those were easy miles.  But I did manage to come in under 40 minutes (my soft target).

My 38:33 finish (7:42 pace) was good enough for 4th in my AG (3rd in the 5 year AG).  It was a tough course, and I wound up walking a bit of "the" hill on the second loop.  Had I skipped the extra mileage yesterday I may have squeezed in under 38 minutes - but more than happy with both days!  In fact, the best part was the lack of any meaningful rain!  It was raining when I left the house - drizzling at FDR, pre-race - and relatively perfect for the 5 miles!

Post-race we had plenty of food.  And awesome fire going in the fireplace to dry off/warm up.  But the key to rehydration was the Captain Lawrence IPA that Gary brought :D

I managed to bring my IPhone back to life after charging it in the car to get these couple of shots!

Here are the official results from Taconice RR.

I'll add a link to the Taconic photos once they're up.

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