Saturday, February 9, 2019

2019 VCTC Tough Love 2x2 Relay

It may not have been the proper training plan to line up for Van Cortlandt Track Club's Tough Love Relay this morning - with the prospect of the Boston Buildup 20K in Fairfield tomorrow morning!  The wintery blast of cold weather was simply the icing on the cake (could not resist that chill pun)! 

But I love VCTC events - and I love running at Van Cortlandt Park - so this was a no brainer.  Plus, the prospect of winning a carrot cake muffin sealed the deal.  And, despite the frigid cold (the wind chill alone had to take the real feel temperature down to low single digits - but when the wind stopped blowing, the conditions were excellent)!

Don't know how we managed it, but Emmy and I teamed up and finished 3rd (behind Susan's team and Benny's team) in our AG.  So in addition to the race gloves - took home carrot cake muffins!

As always, VCTC put on an excellent event (and Carolyn, as RD, did an excellent job as well).  Hiroshi and I did a deja vu photo - a reprise of last week's photo from the TRRC Freezer 5K up at FDR park :D

I'll add link to the results once they've been posted.

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