Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 2018 Race Schedule

July, as always, kicks off with the Taconic Road Runner's Putnam County Classic 8 Miler around Lake Mahopac!  It's a volunteer gig for me - I can't remember the last time I actually ran the race itself.  The very next day (evening, in fact) is a trip down to Van Cortlandt Park for the relay.  And the week will end with the Norwalk Summer Series 5 Miler!

But the highlight of July will be the Taconic Beer Mile next Wednesday night!  Last year I participated with non-alcoholic beer because I didn't have a designated driver (Hard Fast Rule for all beer milers).  If I can get someone to drive me home, will move up to real beer - haha!  Also that week is the NYRR Retro Run :D

The big event - in all respects - for July is a trip to Vermont for the 100 Miler.  It's a rubber match, so to speak, because I have 3 finishes and 3 DNF's so far.  This year I hope to notch finish #4 (finally) and get back to a positive posture!

The last weekend of the month begins on Thursday, with another evening race.  This time in Central Park for the NYRR Runs 5K.  Two days later (in a rare July appearance) are the NYRR Team Championships (normally run the first weekend of August).  Last but not least - it's a trip back to the Escarpment Trail Run - one of my all time favorite races!

Here's how it looks so far:

7/4 - Putnam County Classic, 8M
7/5 - VCTC Summer XC Series Relay
7/7 - Norwalk Summer Series 5M
7/11 - Taconic Beer Mile
7/14 - NYRR Retro Run 4M
7/21 - Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run
7/26 - NYRR Runs 5K
7/28 - NYRR Team Championships 5M
7/29 - Escarpment Trail Run 30K

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