Sunday, August 20, 2017

Peekskill Brewery Mile: Race Photos & Results


What a great night (late afternoon) to run a mile!  The Peekskill Brewery Mile went off just after 5 PM and the best part of it (aside from the net downhill) was getting to run it with Katie.  We haven't run an official race together in years - since she was in middle school.  Instead of road races, she spent her middle and high school years playing field hockey and lacrosse :D

And what better way to finish a mile (or any race/run for that matter) than to rehydrate with some excellent beer!  In fact, I'd venture to say it was the prospect of a cold beer that got me to the finish in 6:44 - haha.  I was a little dubious of running fast after the Westport Summer Series 8.4 Miler yesterday, the post-run miles after that race, and the trail miles I ran this morning.  But where there is cold beer, there is always a way :D

Here are the official results from the Taconic Road Runners.
and here are more race photos from the Taconic Road Runners.


Thanks Bette for the great photos of me in action (during the race and post-race with Hiroshi)!

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