Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 Taconic Road Runners Predicted Time Race & Monthly Meeting

Last night, in addition to the regular monthly meeting of the Taconic Road Runners, the second annual Predicted Time Race was run.  No technology, digital or analog, was allowed - which meant I couldn't use Strava to map the 2.5 mile "lower" loop of FDR Park!  That alone made this run fun because most races at FDR don't include this stretch of the park.

The event was also billed for new club members to come out and meet some of the old timers - which, upon reflection, may not have been an actual selling point - haha.  But the great food (+ beer and wine) and socializing afterwards, at the regular meeting - is the best selling point!

I swiped most of these photos from the Taconic website (here are the all of the pictures posted from last night).

And here are the official race results.  I was a whopping 1:20+ off my "predicted" time :O

If you are not already a member of a running club - consider joining us at Taconic!

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