Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 5th Annual RVRR NYC Bridge Run

Another great event put together by Bob Tona and the Raritan Valley Road Runners - the 5th Annual NYC Bridges Run.  Yesterday, the Bridges Run moved downtown (last year it began in Midtown and concluded with a tram ride back to the City!) and covered roughly a half marathon+ distance (ending at Jeremy's Ale House, under the Brooklyn Bridge).  For me, it was essentially a 10K+ (instead of the Half) because I had to cut it short after the Manhattan Bridge. 

Still, it was a fantastic day to run (any distance) - after the wet, soupy conditions on Saturday.  The course was a bit close to home since it started down the block from my office - and ran past where I also teach!  In fact, given the Team races in Central Park the day before, coming back into the City on Sunday made for a rare 7 straight days commuting into Manhattan - and, then there's this week's commute to look forward to as well!

The Federal Hall shot was from Bob - and the Brooklyn Bridge selfie was from Elaine :D

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