Saturday, August 5, 2017

2017 NYRR Team Championships: Race Photos & Results

It didn't seem as if the weather Gods wanted the Team Races to go off this morning!  I woke up to a pretty violent sounding thunderstorm!  NYRR email advising runners to wait outside the park arrived just as I was leaving the house.  Second NYRR email arrived while I was on MetroNorth heading in that said Men's race was pushed back half hour (till 8) and Women's race 15 minutes (8:15).  But by time I had gotten off the train at 125th Street, it was a light drizzle - and when I got to 103rd Street station it had stopped altogether!  In it's place was just soupy humid conditions.

I headed over to the Taconic meet-up location (right next door to our good friends on the Van Cortlandt Track Club). They had just set up our table (and we'd use it as baggage check as well).  In addition to my team mates, ran into some old friends - Michael, and then Grant and Sal as well. The best part of this event is always the socializing :D

As for the race itself (can this be the 3rd 5 Miler I've run in Central Park this summer?) - it was tough out there.  Despite the rain having finished, it was replaced with grey skies and 90+ humidity.  It was more of a swim than a race.  I was pretty happy to squeeze in under 39 minutes (38:55, 7:47 pace) considering I felt like walking the rest of the way a couple of times!

But a finish is always a finish!  And, better yet, we had some cold beer waiting while we lined up to cheer on the women as they took their turn on that soupy loop of the park :D

Here are the official results from NYRR.

And, very big surprise - made it into the NYRR Team Spirit photo album!

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