Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017 Race Schedule

It's a bit sad that August has arrived, now that 2/3's of Summer is behind us.  But still one more month of sun before the Fall semester!

This weekend kicks off with the NYRR Club Team Races - with a 7:30 AM start for the men.  This is one of my favorite NYRR races because of the purely social component - hanging out with team mates is always fun!  And the very next day is the Fifth Annual NYC Bridges Run sponsored by the RVRR (Raritan Valley Road Runners).  The half marathon distance kicks off on the City Hall side of the Brooklyn Bridge and finishes just below the Bridge, at Jeremy's Ale House.  I'll post about this one on Sunday, but suffice to mention that I spent many hours at Jeremy's during my college days :O

The following weekend is the 5th (and, nominally final) race in the Norwalk Summer Series - the 11 Miler.  While not official, the half marathon in September is the typical end of the Norwalk Summer season.  As always, I'm looking forward to both races.  The next day, Sunday, I may head back to Central Park for the second long training run (and make up the extra distance cut off by the high heat/humidity during the first one).

The remaining two weekends will probably be Westport Summer Series races.  I haven't run in Westport yet this summer, so looking forward to at least one (if not both).  The last weekend is still up in air because we need to drive Katie back to Ann Arbor at some point.

Here's how it looks so far:

8/5 - NYRR Team Championships, 5M
8/6 - Fifth Annual NYC Bridge Run, 13.1M
8/12 - Norwalk Summer Series 11 Miler
8/13 - NYRR Long Training Run #2
8/19 - Westport Summer Series, 8.4 Miles
8/26 - Westport Summer Series, 9.3 Miles

As always, if you're at any of these - say hello!

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