Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bobby fischer died 4 years ago today: january 17, 2008

bobby fischer died on january 17, 2008, at the decidedly young age of sixty-four. on the one year anniversary i did a lengthily post on fischer as a chess legend and, subsequently, a deeply flawed human being.  it's hard to believe so much time has passed so quickly (his death occurred before this blog came into existence just a couple of months later, in march 2008).

in the four years since fischer's death, his estate has been in a prolonged litigation for more than three of those four years.  the controversy included the exhumation of fischer's remains and a post-mortem paternity test (which definitively concluded that he was not the father of the alleged daughter making a claim to his estate).  it also included a ruling against his widow, followed by a reversal of that ruling last march - which, apparently, has finally brought the protracted battle to a close - his widow inherits the estate.

aside from the estate litigation (always fascinating stuff for me, as a trusts and estates attorney), in those four years a full length documentary was released, and a comprehensive biography published.  while neither did much to change opinions (at least mine, of the post- 9/11 fischer), they did further the quest to understand what made him tick - and eventually implode.

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