Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 mhrrc recover from the holidays 50k: race photos and results

what a fantastic weather day to run, and run long at that! while it started off in the low thirties, the temperature quickly rose into the fifties! the prior two times i've run the mhrrc recover from the holidays 50k, the temperature never rose above the mid-twenties!

great weater aside, my performance was a mixed bag. i wanted to run a sub-5 hour race, but managed to eke out a 5:05:45 finish. while i would normally be happy with that, for what was basically a training run (my first long run since the brooklyn marathon in november), the last 4 loops turned into a real struggle with calf cramps - argh!

i'll write up a short race report.  here are the race results.

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