Thursday, January 5, 2012

back to winter running tights, winter has arrived :O

yesterday, to again mark an irreverent milestone, i reluctantly put on my running tights for a training run.  for me it's the psychological threshold that admits another winter has finally arrived.  it was a personal record because i can't remember having ever postponed that day of reckoning until january - or even the official start of winter for that matter.  last year i caved in to the cold weather on december 14 - and that was a week longer than the year before.  so to have stuck it out for an extra 3 weeks this time around, well past the official start of winter on december 22, is definitely a morale booster :D

even so, with the two day cold spell about to break - i may still get a little more mileage out of my running shorts over the next few days :O

1 comment:

DawnB said...

you had to put them back the last few days didn't you :)