Sunday, April 10, 2011

scotland run 10k: race photos and results

today's race was big - in the 8,400+ finisher level big! the scotland run sold out a few weeks ago (no doubt aided a bit as a team challenge race). the course began on west drive and ran clockwise around the park. i'm not sure if this direction is easier, but cat hill didn't seem as daunting this way around.

i had a pretty straightforward sub-45 goal. despite a couple of drinks last night, and a nagging head cold, i hit that target with a 45:45, 7:13 pace. aside from emmy, i only spotted one trrc teammate, tom, the entire morning. after the race, ran into yuki, who has the traprock 50k in ct on deck for next weekend and the massanutten mountain 100 next month!

here are the race results from nyrr.


DebbieJRT said...

glad you hit your goal. I did, too, although mine was more modest. I just wanted to go under an hour. Managed a 58:58, so I was very happy. Too crowded to find anyone. Those that I met found me as I was wearing my APS jacket before and after the race. It would have been nice to bump into you there.

Jose Brehcist said...

Hi, I was looking for the 10k race in Glasgow and I got your blog. So I guess it is the one.
I'd love to run it once as I was living there few year ago and my question is ... is it a nice race? I mean, nice enviroment, well organized ... I wont ask 4 the weather though ;)

Jose Brehcist said...

sorry, I forgot to click on follow-up