Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 urban enviornmental challenge 10k: race photos and results

this was my first time at the vctc urban enviornmental challenge. it was actually my second straight weekend at a new trail race, on the heels of the mudders & grunters 5 mile trail run at fdr state park last sunday. the urban challenge was fantastic. it was just over 10k (maybe 6.3 miles) and not quite a double loop course. each of the two loops, while sharing some distance, incorporated two different trail systems. it was a challenging course - and a blast to run!

i ran a 55:20 and saw a few familiar faces from yesterday's b.u.s. event! but the biggest surprise was one of yesterday's lap counters was a volunteer course marshall - and yelled out "hey 62" as i crested a hill! that was my bib number at the 6 hour run - which i wore on the wrong side (to the minor annoyance of the lap counters)! also on the course was hiroshi - taking pictures!

i'll add a link to the results once they're posted.


Unknown said...

Are those persimmons?

rundangerously said...

yes :D a post-race first for me!

DawnB said...

I've done 2 new races recently, its nice when we have a new one to do every now and then :)

The Lisa said...

It was nice to see you there, Frank. Such a fun race with lots of friends to catch with. Or catch up to.