Thursday, April 21, 2011

packet pick-up for the nyrr 4 miler

today i signed up for, and picked up my bib and shirt for, the nyrr 4 miler. it seemed strange to register for a nyrr race that doesn't bother with a "name" - so to speak. i'd been on the fence about this one all month, hence missing the online registration deadline tuesday.

i'd really prefer to run the bunny boogie 3 miler instead. but since katie isn't up for it, i'll use the opportunity to pick up another scored race for the 2012 nyc marathon 9 +1 requirement. it will be race number 3 for 2011, and i just satisfied the volunteer requirement last week at the city parks foundation run packet pickup.

this race, coming on the heels of the boston marathon, won't be much more than a fun run for me. my only goal is a sub-30 finish. the next day is the easter marathon in van cortlandt park. because of time constraints, i doubt i'll get in more than one loop. then it's back home to cook easter dinner :D

as always, if you're at either race - say hello :D

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