Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 easter marathon: race photos and results

today i ran the first loop of the easter marathon (just longer than a 10k at 6.55 miles). i would like to have done all 4 loops - and we had beautiful weather for it - but had to get home and put the leg of lamb in the oven and get our easter dinner ready! there was a great turnout for event; and it seems as if each succeeding holiday marathon draws even more runners than the previous one!

in a big surprise, one of today's runners was scott jurek! in the it's a small world column, i ran into him in boston last weekend, in front of the lennox hotel as i walked over to the convention center! other familiar faces at the race included, emmy, phil, grant, cherie, lucimar, tony, jeanette, and chris - to mention just a few.

i ran the 6.55 mile loop in 53:48 - not too bad coming off the nyrr 4 miler yesterday and the boston marathon last monday :D


Laura said...

Aww, can't believe I missed you! I did the 10K too. GORGEOUS day (albeit a bit hot).


I have to try harder to get out there one of these holidays even if its for one or two loops. I can't wait to have enough endurance to do a few ultras.