Friday, April 1, 2011

april 2011 race schedule

april will be a busy month, in both running and non-running terms. it kicks off tomorrow with the broadway ultra society's 6 hour run on long island, immediately followed by the annual awards brunch (honoring the 2010 grand prix winners). if i survive the 6 hour run, i plan to head down to van cortlandt park the next day for the vctc urban environmental challenge. that trail race will be a first for me, and it comes on the heels of another first last weekend, mudders & grunters, in fdr state park. run trails!

in what's been relatively scarce on my 2011 race schedule - the scotland run 10k. normally i would have run 3-4 nyrr races by april. this year, because of conflicts, i've only done one (the gridiron classic) so far. after the race, the crew of the new york running show plans to meet-up and socialize a bit (a nice change from socializing via podcast) :D

the highlight of the month will be the boston marathon. this has always been one of my favorite races. looking forward to the trip - and seeing some old friends up there as well. my goal is to run a 3:25 (5 minutes faster than my bq time - to ensure a return trip in 2012). the next day, back here in nyc, two events with marshall ulrich are planned: an afternoon group run in central park and, that evening, a book launch for the release of marshall's "running on empty." if you can, try to make either - or both - events!

whether i run the bunny boogie this year depends on katie's schedule. if she has to miss it because of lacrosse commitments, i may opt for the nyrr 4 miler instead. i need to work on collecting my 9 scored races for the 2012 marathon. the next day i'll run one loop at van cortlandt park of the easter marathon, then head back home to prepare our easter dinner. the month ends w/another of my favorite races - the fred weisberg law day race in darien (which is run over the same route as the bunny boogie, a week earlier).

on the non-running front: katie turns 16 this month! and, it seems like the only topic of conversation at our house focuses not on sports, but rather driving! a learner's permit and driving lessons are her current obsession :D

4/2 - b.u.s 6 hour run & awards brunch
4/3 - vctc urban environmental challenge, 10k
4/10 - scotland run, 10k & post-race ny running show meet-up
4/19 - boston marathon
4/20 - group run w/marshall ulrich & book launch for release of his "running on empty"
4/23 - bunny boogie, 3m
4/24 - easter marathon (10k)
4/30 - law day run, 5k


TeeJay said...

Best of luck with Katie's driving lessons.

Teenage girl with car = Worried Dad

Middle-aged runner said...

I'm with you buddy: 3:25 on April 18th. Want to run together?