Friday, April 2, 2010

volunteering at nyrr scotland run packet pick-up

yesterday afternoon i distributed bibs at the nyrr club for the scotland run this weekend. i worked the first shift, from 1-4, and satisfied my 2010 volunteer requirement (the one in 9 + 1) for the 2011 nyc marathon. while i've volunteered at nyrr race the previous two years, those were at the actual races - as a course marshall. working at the nyrr clubhouse was a first for me.

it was an interesting experience being on the opposite side of the table handing bibs. i've done bib distribution at other races (notably the bedford turkey trot). but the sheer volume of bibs in just my section of the alphabet (c-g) gave new meaning to "can you spell that please?" at the busy times i was hard pressed to remember just the first two letters of someones last name, before asking for the next pair!

still, it was a fun and interesting experience. the sheer diversity of runners coming in to pick up bibs made the time go by quickly. midway through i spotted a familiar face making his way to the l's - eliot took off from work early to pick up his bib. chatting with eliot was fun - until it started to get crowded again - then back to work.

now i'm not sure whether i prefer an inside to outside volunteer slot at this point. i guess it depends, as the 10,000 maniacs/natalie merchant classic goes, "like the weather" ;p

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