Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 bunny boogie: race report

The 2010 Bunny Boogie was a surprise add to my race schedule. I had not planned on a race this weekend because it was a low mileage recovery week in the wake of Umstead. In fact, I passed on the Scotland Run 10K for that reason, opting instead, to volunteer at packet pick-up to satisfy my 9 +1 requirement for the 2011 NYC Marathon. But when Katie said she wanted to run a race this weekend, plans changed. The Bunny Boogie 3 miler was the perfect choice!

So off to Darien we went. I even dressed for the part by digging out a vintage Bunny Boogie tee shirt (from 2004). Katie had run this race before, in 2008. In addition to the course, she recognized most of my running friends. Briefly, Dawn, Emmy, John, Rob, Roy, Joe, and Jim, to name just a few. In fact, since women got a 2.5 minute head start over men, Katie ran with Emmy as her pacer!

The course has one notable hill in the second mile (which we climb to reach the start, so technically we do it twice), but is basically a fast course. Katie wanted to break 25 minutes. But since it was her first road race since last fall, I told her to just have fun and not worry about time - just finish strong! I don’t know what the splits were, neither Emmy or Katie kept track, but she finished in 25:20! Katie took second in, and Emmy won, her age group! They each collected chocolate bunnies for the AG awards :D

While I was more concerned with Katie’s race (I caught up to them at the top of the hill, roughly a mile and a half), I wound up running it by myself. I was going to take over pacing from Emmy, but they insisted that I keep going. They were doing just fine without me! So here are my splits:

7:08 13:39
6:46 20:25 (20:26 official)

6:49 pace

I was incredibly happy with that finish because I ran under 21 minutes. I squeezed in a solid bit of speed work as part of my recovery week! Afterwards, I tacked on an easy 6 miles when I got home. I ran ten miles on Sunday (1:19:13) to round out the low mileage week at 35.

This week, and next, will also be relatively low mileage (my Boston taper) - probably 40 miles. But I’ll end this week with either the Scarsdale 15K or the Long Island 10 Miler. Then off to Beantown!

here are some race photos.

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UltraBrit said...

40 miles is a taper week?!?!? That used to be my highest mileage week. Now 50+ is my high. My taper is closer to 20 miles!