Tuesday, April 20, 2010

114th boston marathon: photos and results

what a great time in boston yesterday! while i didn't see any friends during the race itself, there were plenty of familiar faces on the bus ride to hopkinton and, then, the athletes village. gene, debbie and their crew of friends, kate, emmy, hugo, todd, mark, bekkie and joe (in costume), and herb were all around pre-race - just to mention a few.

as for the race itself, my sixth boston marathon is now in the books! except for the occassional headwinds, we had great weather (hard to believe after the lousy weekend weather) and awesome spectators! i finished in 3:38:03 - off my target of 3:30 - but still pleased with the outcome.

i'll write up a race report today. here are the race results from the baa.


CTmarathoner said...

don't forget to send Gene Hugo's e-mail address, and also to suggest that he becomes friends on fb with Bekkie--a fellow marathon maniac!!!
what great photos, and what a fun weekend, despite the rain and cold.
I just wish I taken your camera into the tent to find the taconic runners!!!:(

rundangerously said...

and don't you forget to write-up a rr :D

runner-grrl said...

Waiting for that race report! It was my first Boston, you must have been one of those with the plastic sheets and / or rafts waiting comfortably in Athletes Village. I was one of the few sitting on the wet ground looking really cold! Great job! --Alex