Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"save camp pouch" march to city hall

yesterday afternoon there was a rally at city hall in support of camp pouch. scouts began on staten island, took the ferry over to manhattan, and walked up to city hall (another group walked over the brooklyn bridge and joined them) to protest the proposed sale of the boy scout camp on staten island to real estate developers! i walked over from my office across the street to express my support for the scouts.

here is a video clip of the event from the staten island advance:

Save Pouch Camp Committee hits City Hall

my first camp out was at camp pouch in the early 1970's; and i spent many a scouting weekend at camp pouch during that decade! while it's been more than 30 years since i camped there, amazingly, i returned to camp pouch just last fall for a trail race! that visit was just a few weeks before i learned about the proposed plan to sell the camp! i'm shocked that such an extreme solution to current financial problems would even be suggested - much less acted upon.

this is an action that would impact generations of future new york city scouts - don't stand by and let it happen on your watch!

support efforts to save camp pouch!!

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