Monday, April 12, 2010

2009 new york ultrarunning grand prix awards brunch

this year the grand prix awards brunch came a couple of months later than usual its usual late january/early february time frame. it was also held at a different locale - valley stream instead of plainview (the glirrc clubhouse). but just like last year, emmy and i ran a race before making it to the brunch!

this time around it was the scarsdale 15k (last year, the gridiron 4 miler). as a result we missed the 3 hour race put on before the brunch. but we did get to socialize with our good friends - which made the trip to valley stream worth it!

as for the awards: aljica barahona and byron lane were the overall winners! phil took second place for the men, and susan took third place for the women! i finished in 5th place overall, and won my age group for the third consecutive year! emmy was 4th overall woman, and took first place in her age group!

here are the complete 2009 grand prix standings. congratulations to everyone who took part in the series!

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