Friday, March 12, 2010

packet pick-up for nyrr 8000

stopped by the nyrr club after work yesterday to pick up bib, d-tag, and shirt for the nyrr 8000 tomorrow. given the weather forecast, it should be reclassified as an 8k swim around the park. heavy rain is expected to arrive late this afternoon and continue straight through the weekend - the bulk of the rain storm to hit us tomorrow :(

as for the race, given the weather forecast, it's going to be a slog. last year i ran this 8k in 33:36, a 6:46 pace. this time around it's just a training run (and race number 4 on the road to 9, for the 2011 nyc marathon). i'll be happy to finish it in under 40 minutes.

the race shirt once again echoes a retro flavor - just like the manhattan half logo from january's race. katie wants me to switch (or trade) mine for an adult small, so she can wear it! i'll give that a waterlogged try at the race tomorrow.

as always, if you're at this one - say hi!


Greg COhen said...

It doesn't look good, but I know you'll have a great race.

We're doing a 20 miler training run tomorrow. I'm thinking of changing shoes after an hour!

Hey the weather has been wrong before, right? Right? oy.

peter said...

Good luck! It's been raining hard down here in DC, you'll get it probably just in time!

misszippy said...

You say it will be a training run, but in the rain, you just may end up racing to get to a the dry finish! Enjoy it.

Jim said...

Jeez, I'm such a space cadet - I thought the race was SUNDAY. The weather could be a real challenge - the rain is uncomfortable, but the high winds are the real problem, and could be downright dangerous

ChickenUnderwear said...

I was thinking of you when I was running over the Brooklyn Bridge at 8:30 this morning.